We are a consortium of luxury wine professionals focused on superior and distinguished wines.

One vision and three commitments.
It is our mission to preserve the diversity of small vineyard owners, share the passion for luxurious hand-crafted wines and work together to create the most individual and impressive collection in California. These commitments have resulted from multiple renowned wine industry professionals who respect a greater commitment to quality.

Established more than seven years ago, Appellation Trading Company includes men and women, sommeliers, top viticulturists, accomplished winemakers and lead cellar masters. They are part of a movement that wants to engage, together with others, on a common ground within Napa Valley and other prominent growing regions. This troupe of professionals believe in preserving the essence of world-class wines. This belief has led them to establish an alliance known as es·prit de corps.

es·prit de corps preserves and promotes artisanal hand-crafted wines to consumers throughout the world, and to elevate as well as preserve, the foundation of the craft movement.